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How to pick sunglasses•

Datetime: 2016-08-22 08:31:20    Hits: 1204

Wearing sunglasses is mainly in order to block the strong light and isolation of ultraviolet light, in the face of all kinds of sunglasses on the market, how can we choose it? First of all to ensure the safety, the specific reference to the following ways to choose:

Lenses must be prevented from ultraviolet light. Because the sunglasses to reduce the intensity of light will make the pupil increase, if the lens can not prevent ultraviolet rays, into the eyes of the ultraviolet rays will be more, more damage to the eyes. Regular brand of sunglasses generally have this function, but some inferior inferior Sunglasses very it"s hard to say, so be sure do not yield to the temptation of cheap to buy some irregular sunglasses.

People with normal vision to choose Sunglasses must choose no degree of lens. Otherwise, it will cause visual fatigue, damage to eye health. People with myopia can also be equipped with a pair of color mirror (with degrees), of course, can also be equipped with refractive sunglasses.

Lens distortion without exception. The probability of distortion of the lens of the solar lens will be higher than ordinary glasses, which can be detected by special equipment. So a pair of sunglasses, if you feel dizzy immediately, then do not buy it. The low end of the sunglasses appear to be high probability of this situation. .

The color of an object can not be distorted. In particular, to see the traffic light is not distorted, you can take a test when you buy it.