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News from Tru Trussardi Eyewear

Datetime: 2016-08-24 11:21:43    Hits: 4360
Ever since its debut in 1911, Italian style creator Trussardi has been a brand that blends its traditions and history with high-tech innovation. The vision and sun collection for next spring/summer was presented yesterday at an ad hoc event at the Trussardi Boutique in the Galleria San Carlo, Milan. A line that expresses day-to-day elegance designed for the dynamic lifestyle of the metropolis and a confident, personal style with a decisive look.
The line of sunglasses comes in an extraordinary range of special shapes that represent the Italian brandí»s heritage and showcase the surprising use of leather and couturier workmanship. A fresh combination of hard and soft materials that are matte and shiny, warm and cool, creates new and exciting tactile experiences for the season.
The vision collection mixes expressive contemporary shapes with modern, sporty elegance and a touch of Italian class. Hence, the collection is fresh and suitable for all clients with a classical, city-oriented style who want to fully express their tastes in fashion. Expressive and enhancing shapes, delicately elegant details and design are the distinctive features of the vision collection for women. 
The event also included the launch of next seasoní»s Luxury Line Trussardi 1991 Capsule Sunwear Collection, as previously announced at Mido on the occasion of the agreement between Trussardi and Charmant.